Personal Shopper Service(EN)

Here are questions and answers about the Personal Shopper Service. If you have any further questions, please write to us without hesitation..☺

What is the “Personal Shopper” service?

Personal shopper is a service which we make the purchases you want for you and send them to you. We can help you with items that can only be purchased in Japan, such as purchases you forgot to make when you traveled to Japan, or purchases that can be handled through Japanese websites that do not offer overseas shipping.

Can the personal shopper service purchase any product?

In general, we adapt to your needs. However, not all products can be shipped via international mail due to laws and regulations in Japan or your country. For example, we may not be able to purchase plants that require quarantine for export from you. Depending on the nature of the product and availability, we may also have to reject your order. We apologize in advance.

How does the personal shopper service work?

We work as follows. If you have a purchase in mind, please do not hesitate to contact us by email.

* Our correspondents are Japanese. We will respond to you in English, Spanish or Japanese.

Step 1: You send us an email about the product you want to buy. This includes any information about the website or store that sells the product.

Step 2: We check the availability of the product and prepare an estimate with the shipping costs. Then we get in touch with you.

Step 3: You review the estimate and contact us if you want to purchase the product.

* Please contact us within three days of receiving the quote to make a decision on your purchase. Please note that the most popular products may sell out sooner.

Step 4: We issue an invoice. Once paid, we buy the product.

* If after payment we cannot buy the item due to lack of availability, we will refund the amount.

Step 5: We process the shipment and provide you with a tracking number.

Will I be charged in yen?

Yes. All estimates and invoices are in yen. We recommend that you check the exchange rate between your local currency and the yen before making a purchase.

 Are there customs fees?

As all products are shipped from Japan, you will be charged any customs fees deemed necessary in your country or region of residence. Unfortunately, we are unable to inform you of prices in advance, as they are subject to the laws and regulations of your country or region. Please note that you will have to pay additional customs fees when placing an order.

* We would like to collect data on the amount of customs fees you have paid on each order so that you can shop with us with more reference. If you don’t mind, we would appreciate it if you could provide us with the final amount you have paid. Please note that we will treat any information you share with us as confidential.

The minimum amount of purchase and commsion fees will be changed from 2024.

What are the commissions of the personal shopper service?

The minimum amount of products to purchase is 10 000 yen (tax included). The commission is as follows:

Price of product (tax and shipping fee within Japan included)
Commission fee
If it is available on a websiteIf it is only available in a physical store

From ¥ 10 000 to ¥30 000 

From ¥ 30 001 to ¥50 000 25 % of the price of the product 35 % of the price of the product
From ¥50 001 30 %of the price of the product40 % of the price of the product

Example: How much money do I need to make a purchase?

Product price (¥10,000) + purchase commission through a website (¥5,000) + shipping* (¥4,400) = ¥19,400

* Shipment fee is just an example. The shipping price is changed according to the weight and size of the package.

When you receive the product in your country or region, customs fees will be added. The payment is not addressed to us, but to the customs service.

How is the commission fee calculated if I request more than one product?

Comission rate is calculated per site and store. See the following examples:

Case 1: If product A and product B are sold at the same site C.

→ The commission will be calculated on the combined price of product A and product B.

Case 2: If product A is sold on website C and product B is only sold on C’s physical store.

→ The commission for product A is calculated separately for being a purchase on the website and the commission for product B is calculated separately for being a purchase in store.

*Please note that even if stores are located within an Amazon-like website, if the sellers are different, the commissions will be calculated separately.

I found out that the product I ordered was also sold where I lived! Can I cancel my order?

There is no problem in canceling the purchase in the estimate phase. However, we cannot accept cancellations once you have made a request and we have issued you an invoice.

I don’t know anything about this website. Contacting you makes me suspicious.

I myself(the site administrator) think that it takes a bit of courage to send an email to a foreign site. We run a blog and an Instagram account about Tokyo, so if something bothers you, you can check them out first. I know my Spanish sounds unnatural in some areas, but I will do my best to help you so you don’t have to worry.

Interested in our Personal Shopper service? Send us a message if you have any inquiry!



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Fast, Reliable with Excellent Service

18 de June de 2024
Shipping CountryUnited States

I can’t thank Sawae enough for helping me secure a unique knife that was just introduced to rhe market. The store only allows for in person shopping first before allowing the customer to be able to order online. Sawae responded so quickly, most of the time in less than 24 hours. I had reached out on a Thursday evening and was able to make the purchase the next day. By that following Monday, I had the product in my hands. Superb service, detail oriented! It’s as if you were in person making the purchase yourself. I can’t thank Sawae enough for all their help. You will not go wrong with choosing their service. It was phenomenal! Thank you feom the bottom of my heart!!

Alice Hui

Ginga merchandise

7 de May de 2024

Thank you for excellent and speedy service, communication was A++!

I used the personal shopper service to get Ginga Nagareboshi Gin merchandise from a pop up store at Shosen Grande, Tokyo.

Communication was excellent the whole time.

Nadja Susivainio

Perfect Service

13 de April de 2024

My first time using this type of service. I am super happy to use this company, the comunication was

great, and I even received the products super fast.


Great Customer Service

7 de April de 2024

Sawae has been very helpful and patient by consistently following up with her customers request and enquiries She is also meticulous and appreciates her customers.



29 de March de 2024

After 20 years of searching and waiting for this product, i finally found it in a small shop in Tokyo. Tokiotu had it bought and shipped to Scotland within days.

Very good customer service and communication.

Highly recommended 🙂


Confiable y sencillo

30 de January de 2024

El servicio es muy bueno. Siempre estuvo en comunicación y acepto cuando pedi un envío en específico para evitar problemas. El paquete llego sin problemas y bien envuelto. Muchas gracias, Sawae!


Perfect service

14 de December de 2023

Thanks Sawae to help me to buy two special edition of Lamy fountain pens. Tokio y tú offers a fast and personalized service to buy objects that I could not buy from Spain without their help. I recommend their services 100% for their good treatment and professionalism.


Servicio God

6 de August de 2023

Era mi primera vez pidiendo objetos de Japón y fue acertado hacerlo con Tokyo y tu, los objetos llegaron en buen estado y no tomo tanto tiempo como imagine, gracias por todo. Recomendadísimos


Compra Tiquetes Sumo

17 de April de 2023

Solicité el servicio para compra de tiquetes para una pelea de sumo ya que solo podían comprarse desde Japón. Me ayudó a guiarme respecto a los asientos y me envió los tiquetes al hotel para el día que llegué a Japón. El pago fue por Paypal. Excelente servicio. Volvería a utilizarlo.

Adrian Arroyo

Una maravillosa experiencia

19 de March de 2023

Tenia mucha ilusión en poder bordar con materiales de sashiko enviados desde Japón y comprados alli, pensaba hacer un viaje hasta ese maravilloso pais pero el bicho lo ha impedido por ahora. De pronto llego hasta mi esta mujer que ha sido todo un regalo, el trato con esa amabilidad y paciencia, su interes y la busqueda de soluciones. Todo han sido facilidades. Tengo todos los materiales que queria conmigo. Ningún problema con los pagos ni el transporte ni la comunicación. Me alegro mucho de haberla conocido y espero seguir comprando atraves de ella mis materiales para bordar sashiko.

Rosalia Munoz